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Repair / Rebuild Service

For over 4 decades we have run one of the largest starter/alternator rebuilding facilities in South East Louisiana. We boast one of the most experienced shop foremen around. With over 33 years of experience, his expertise is second to none.

All of our repair work is done in-house to ensure quick turn around times and quality workmanship. Whenever possible we use NEW replacement parts rather than refurbished parts in our repair process. For just a few dollars more, this process ensures a repaired product that is of the highest quality.

We provide convenient pick-up and delivery service throughout the metro New Orleans area. For those customers outside the metro are, we run weekly routes to both Venice and the Houma/Fourchon areas. For customers outside these delivery areas, worldwide shipping with UPS is not a problem.

Our recent investment in a new JBT-5P tester is an example of why our repair facility is considered one of the best in the Louisiana/Gulf Coast area. The JBT-5P is the most advanced starter/alternator tester available today. While all testers can check alternator output, this tester goes far beyond that. It can check regulator set points, rectifier ripple patterns and amperage output up to 220 amps just to mention a few. It is also able to check amperage draw and armature ripple patters on starters as well. This state-of-the-art tester ensures that all repair work is functioning properly when it leaves our facility.